Sand and Finish

Sand and finishing hardwood floors simply means that the flooring is finished on-site rather than in the factory. This process takes place post-installation. Sanding hardwood ensures of a level surface and allows for a better application of chemical treatments. Once sanded down, the wood is stained for the right look and color. When the staining is complete and the wood has dried, the wood is sealed with a polyurethane finish for protection. Fair warning, this process may take several days to complete.

Fireant Flooring has the expert craftsmen that can give your hardwood floor a handmade premium finish. This ensures your new hardwood floor is has no unwanted bumps or lips in it before the staining process. Speaking of staining, we can meet the exact tint you require for your new room. Looking at a new hardwood floor? Give us a call and see what we can offer you.