Are you looking for your shower to make more of a statement? Do you need help making your shower a safer place? Fireant flooring can do both! We have the tools and the know-how to create showers that are both beautiful and safe. Here are some of the design aspects we offer for shower remodels:


Sometimes a shower design does not meet the needs or requirements of the person who uses it. For those who suffer from physical injury or disability, the shower can be a place of unnecessary risk or danger. At Fireant Flooring, we believe this shouldn’t ever be the case. We can outfit any shower for safety and accessibility. One way we can do that is installing a bench inside the shower. A bench provides users a place to safely bathe without the risk of slipping or falling. Our installation process ensures that benches are properly fastened to the shower floor or wall. Additionally, we install the strongest and most durable benches that meet safety and weight requirements. Are you in need of additional safety and accessibility for you or a loved one’s shower? Give us call and allow us to take care of you.


Niches have become popular additions to showers. They’re sleek, stylish, and functional nooks within the shower that range in size and shape. Initially purposed for holding all your bathing items, niches have been redesigned to become more stylish. Niches have evolved to hold secondary lighting, small plants, and or other decorative items. Looking to create something unique with your shower? Our skilled crew of designers and remodelers can create the unique niche you want for your shower. Whether it be a small and functional, or a long stylish niche the spans the width of the shower, there is nothing we can’t tackle.

Soap Dish

A soap dish is minor but often times an essential addition to your shower. A soap dishes are especially helpful for those with physical limitations. This allows individuals to grab their soap or shampoo at a safe height. Are you in need of a soap dish or other shower additions? Allow us to help. We fit and install a matching dish in a quick and timely manner.

Corner Caddy

Like shower niches, corner caddies have evolved into from a functional aspect of a shower to a stylish one. Caddies now come in all sizes, shapes, and materials. Whether you’re looking to add to an existing shower or you’re doing a complete remodel, Fireant Flooring has you covered. We offer a variety of designs to meet your level of functionality and premium styles, at the most competitive prices.