Laminate flooring is the popular alternative to conventional hard floors. Laminate panels are constructed of lightweight and durable synthetic materials that are both sustainable and cost-efficient. Here is what you need to know about laminate flooring:

Floating Floor

A floating floor is not unlike glue down floors in that they are pieced together from panels of wood or laminate. The difference between the two is that a floating floor is not attached to the surface below. Instead, panels held together by either a system of interlocking grooves, glue, of both. The finish of a floating floor is indistinguishable from that of conventional laminate or wooden floors. Since most floating floors use a interlocking system, installation can take merely hours.

Click System

The click system is the most common type of floating floor installation. Segments of laminate have engineered grooves on each side that firmly and securely interlock with conjoining panels. The click system doesn’t require any form of glue or adhesive; however, it never hurts to apply little between joints for added stability.