With tile comes molding referred to as grout. The purpose of grout is protect the area between conjoining tiles from liquid and material damage. Grout is not as resilient as the tiles themselves and can require maintenance. Fireant Flooring not only offers grout services, but also offers some helpful tips as how to maintain your grout:


Grout is the cement-based binding material found between ceramic and stone tile. Often times grout care is overlooked as an essential part of maintaining a floor; however, it is just as important as the tile itself. The purpose of having grout is to seal the joints between tiles, lock tiles in place, and prevent damaging moisture from seeping underneath the tile. Cracking in the grout can lead to movement or water damage beneath the tile which warp and crack the tile itself. Grout problems typically occur in the shower, bathtub, or other areas that experience a high volume of moisture. Be sure to check the grout in theses areas at least once of month for potential problems. Repairing small problems around the area like leaky faucets and shower heads is a great way of preventing damage to your grout.


Cleaning grout is typically not as easy as cleaning tile. Grout is usually a darker color because it is cement-based. This means it can be very prone to staining. Some chemical cleaners have harmful acids and oils that may clean well, but can eat away at your grout. A good rule of thumb is to begin with the least abrasive chemical. Starting with a bit of warm water and a stiff bristled brush can do wonders on grout. If water doesn’t suffice, the next best step is to combine either vinegar or baking soda into water. For more severe staining, it is suggested you sparingly use oxygen bleach (commonly in powdered form) or seek professional assistance.


Just replacing grout isn’t enough. The only way to properly protect and sustain your grout is with chemical sealant. Sealing makes the surface of the grout and the shower water resistant. This prevents the growth of mold and mildew, and adds years to the lifespan of your grout. Sealing isn’t a required process; however, we recommend spending a little money now to prevent more costly problems later on down the road. Not only do we offer professional grout cleaning and sealing services, but our knowledgeable staff aims to educate our clients how they can prevent further issues from occurring.