Concrete was formerly reserved for industrial complexes, but in recent years, treated concrete has become visually appealing and a popular choice across the board. Here is what you need to know about the new trend of concrete flooring:


Stained concrete can add a beautiful and elegant atmosphere of a showroom to any kitchen or living room. The process has become more popular in recent years as staining has become more refined. There are many kits available to consumers for DIY projects yet their ease of use can be a bit deceiving. If concrete isn’t properly cleaned and unstained, the staining itself will not turn out as advertised. It is also important to note that staining concrete essentially seals concrete as well. This means you need to get it right the first time, as there is no room for error and no second chances. To ensure you get the results you desire, we offer a concrete staining service. Our properly trained professionals will come out, clean, etch, and stain your concrete.

Acid Washing

Acid washing, or etching, is a process that preps concrete for staining. The process involves washing down the concrete, mixing in muriatic acid with water, and spraying down the area to be stained. Once the acid is applied, you want to immediately start scrubbing in order to get the full effect of the stain. Next, a neutralizing agent must be applied and then you will need to rinse the area. As you can tell, the process can be tedious and time consuming. The process must be done correctly in order to get the right stain you desire. If you want professional results, it’s always best to have professionals complete the project. Fireant Flooring has trained personnel with a strong history of treating and staining concrete surfaces.


Stained concrete is a thing of beauty; however, the initial shine and resilience can be lost under everyday use and foot traffic. Scuffs, scratches, and dirt can all diminish the look and feel of your concrete floor. Regular polishing can bring back and maintain that initial look. Whether it’s a kitchen, foyer, or showroom floor, Fireant Flooring has to proper equipment to keep your concrete looking pristine.


Having noticeable problems with an uneven foundation or concrete slab? Cracks around doors, windows, and countertops can all be indicators of leveling issues in your home or office. Don’t let these issues persist as they can lead to more costly and structurally compromising problems down the road. An unlevel slab or foundation can lead to problems with doors not closing, pipes breaking, and cracking in walls. Fireant Flooring is here to remedy any and all leveling issues you may be experiencing. We use to latest technology in concrete floor repair and leveling to get your home or office’s concrete floor back to a level position. Services only take a matter of days with limited to no disturbance of the home or office. Not sure you’re experiencing issues? Call us today and we will have a crew come out for a free comprehensive evaluation.


While uncommon, cracks in cement can occur. Should they occur, cracks must be addressed as soon as possible before they are allowed to expand and become a major problem. There are plenty of DIY kits available for consumers; however, not all of these kits are effective and some cannot treat finished concrete. Our concrete filling service is quick, efficient, and effective. We have fast response time with trained personnel that can fill and treat any type of concrete cracking.