Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom to enhance its appeal or utility, Fireant Flooring has got you covered. Our expert design staff at Fireant Flooring can make a bathroom both functional and stylish. Our talented craftsman will can transform your old bathroom into your dream bathroom. Do you have questions or are you looking for more info on what these remodels entail? Here is a brief overview:


There is an unexpected amount of choices to be made when deciding to remodel a bathroom. What type of countertop do you want? What materials do you want in the shower? How much functionality do you want with the shower? What types of materials can withstand the elements in the bathroom itself? Fortunately, Fireant Flooring has a team of designers who can walk you step-by-step through remodeling process. Once we design your bathroom, we put our trusted team of remodelers to work. We will strip and remove all necessary materials before installing your new bathroom. We know you have high expectations for quality, and it our goal to not only meet, but exceed those expectations.


When you look at the vast variety of choices available when tiling your bathroom, it can for a difficult decision. Fortunately, we are here to help our clients find the style they want for the cost they’ll love. Whether you want the chic and modern appeal of glass tile or the classic look of ceramic tile, we can create the bathroom of your dreams. If you already have an idea in mind or need some help creating a design, we can help you. We have the designers to help you create your bathroom, and the personnel to make that dream a reality.


Want to add a one-of-kind element to your bathroom? Niches can be your solution. Niches are functional and stylistic nooks within the bathroom or shower that can be used for the storage of common bathroom items or stylist decorations. Niches can in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stylistically, niches can be lined with more decorative materials and even be paired with lighting elements.